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We at Procure ...

Procure takes pride in close customer relationship & transparency in business transactions. We trust in forming win-win situation for either organization. We are committed to maintain utmost accuracy of your inventory followed by swift deliverables under our proven art of inventory & distribution management.

Procure believes in creating value addition in the process which are found mandatory in today’s highly increasing competitive business environment.

In order to bridge the gap that generally occurs between the requirements and the services, we at Procure focus more on each and every aspect of specific project and aim for customized solutions.

Procure has proven capabilities in warehouse solution designing, managing inventory & cargo management services with adequate own and outsourced resources & network. IT proficiency and personalized customer services contributing as a backbone to our core competencies.

"We believe we have a good value proposition to offer to your deliverables."

Our People...

  • Seasoned, experienced professionals with expertise in all facets of the logistics industry.

  • Average work experience of over 18 years per person amongst senior management.

  • 100 man years of experience overall.

  • In-depth knowledge of industry sectors.

  • Exhaustive knowledge of the logistics landscape in India.

  • Security assured.

  • Single window solution, end to end supply chain processes.

Our networks and reach....

  • 5 Regional offices 60+ Associates & Over 250 Employees in India and rapidly growing.

  • Over 300 locations across the country through our extended networks and our joint ventures to support distribution needs.